26th Maritime HR & Crew Management Summit

After joining the Baze team last year in the mids of the pandemic, our Business Development Manager Edwin Haak has spent his working days at his home office in Rotterdam. This month he finally got to travel abroad again. His first stop was Singapore and the 26th Maritime HR & Crew Management Summit.

BazePort attending 26th Maritime HR & Crew Management Summit

Given the topics, it was a no-brainer for Baze Technology to participate as the product BazePort Seea, has been especially developed to address Maritime HR & Crew Management challenges. 

BazePort Seea is a standalone offline streaming service for entertainment, news, and information for vessels with up to 35 crew members on board. The emphasis has been to create a service that is easy to set up, uses little to no bandwidth, and has the best content available.

- Customers and prospects confirm that our Information Portal helps distribute targeted information fast and efficiently. Analytics show that information provisioning is valued by the crew just as much as movies and TV series. Daily updates make them feel connected, says Edwin Haak. 

Maritime HR & Crew Management Summit

Well received

At the Singapore summit, Baze had a booth displaying BazePort Seea in action on TV, smartphone, and laptop. - It was great to explain more about our philosophy and how easy it is to install, Edwin tells. The feedback from the participants was positive, saying it is an easy setup with an excellent portal to upload your company content.

Edwin also got the oppoprtunity to speak about technology and software and how the right combination can contribute to improving life at sea.


"It is my goal to create a difference for seafarers. Don’t forget that seafarers are essential, both to shipping and to the world", Edwin Haak

Unfortunately, we cannot replace remoteness from family and friends, but we can positively impact crew mental health. This is why BazePort Seea is a fantastic solution for deep-sea fleets.

In the past, seafarers came to the smoking room and watched a video together. With the introduction of the internet at sea, social life changed. Like at home, the negative effect is that seafarers spend more time on the internet, isolated in their cabins. This can become an issue. Of course, the internet is also a good thing. The crew can call home, use social media to communicate, and browse for information.

With BazePort Seea, seafarers can still enjoy their privacy but they are also encouraged to spend time together! For example, to watch the news and a movie in the day room. Shipowners and ship managers can advertise their campaigns and publish updates on health and safety.

- I believe there are many ways to contribute when it comes to crew welfare. What I take from the summit, the combination of information and entertainment makes all the difference, Edwin Haak. 

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