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Technical requirements

The system is built for operations in environments with low or no connectivity. The core of the design is remote support and maintenance.

GoAhead Norge

Each venue must have

  • Internal WiFi for PDE connectivity
  • Minimum wifi capasity of 30-50 Mbit/s is recommended
  • Occasional Internet connection for content and software updates

BazePort Go is optimized for any internet connection

  • Bandwidth throttling available, no interruption in critical communication
  • Ensures that files are complete despite interruptions of service and high latency.
  • No resend of package necessary

Baze has developed a technology that allows for delivery of video on demand content to servers that are rarely connected to the internet, and often with a low bandwidth at times where they have internet connection. Playback of content is done locally over the Wi-Fi network on board the coaches, and there is no streaming over internet involved. This way, the solution is not dependent on internet connection in order to work. Consequently, the passengers will have a good user experience despite little or no internet connection. 

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