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Release of BazePort IPTV - version 8.4

We are proud to release a new version of BazePort IPTV. Version 8.4 includes the brand-new feature BazePort Keynotes which enables you to record your live streams and make your keynotes available for your BazePort users. We are also launching a new drilldown functionality in Flow dashboards, as well as a few other features. 

NEW MODULE: Keynotes

The new BazePort Keynotes module is finally ready for release! Do you live stream your lectures and happenings? Why not record your streams and publish them as keynotes to your BazePort audience. 

With BazePort Keynote you can live stream, record your live streams and make them available in Keynotes archive for your BazePort users. 

When you hold presentations or organize an event for your audience you may want to both live stream and record the session, with BazePort Keynotes you can do both. 

BazePort Keynotes

You can also choose to record without making the live stream available. In case you want to record a general lecture and make it available for your BazePort audience to watch at their convenience.


Imagine how easy it could be to navigate in an overview of your building, ship or location – drill down to exactly the TV set you want to reach. With BazePort 8.4 we give you the possibility to create dashboard drilldowns. You can open a subordinate dashboard from a dashboard button. 

Drilldown feature in FLOW

Combined with the BazePort 8.1 dashboard variables released in BazePort 8.1, you have all you need to set up a complete drilldown from top level, to subordinate levels, and finally select and control a specific unit from a generic control dashboard. You can even control a third-party device as long as you can reach its control functions, like a camera zoom in/out, turn left/right.


When your internet connection is limited, the possibility to manage the use of bandwidth for downloads to BazePort is useful. We now introduce a new parameter to control the bandwidth use, we call it auto throttle.

Auto throttle in BazePort

Auto throttle enable you to specify the bandwidth not to be used by BazePort.

The purpose of Auto throttle is to reduce usage when bandwidth is scarce and utilize free bandwidth when available.

NEW IN FLOW: Confirmation message

Would you like to playback forced information when a BazePort viewer use the system for the first time? And then require a confirmation that the information has been watched and understood?

We now introduce the possibility to require a view confirmation on First time use of the BazePort system. Whichever menu item is selected by the BazePort viewer, the information content is played, it is forced, the viewer cannot start any other application before the forced content playback is finished.


The BazePort viewer must confirm the message, or watch the information again – as shown in the picture.


Anyone who holds a valid BazePort Service Agreement (BSA) or BazePort Support and/or Software Upgrade Agreement (SLA), is entitled to this upgrade, as this is part of our product design and development commitment.

Contact us to know more


For customers running BazePort as a service, or local Linux OS server, your BazePort system is automatically updated to BazePort 8.4. If you are not, the upgrade is available for download. 

Contact us for more information on how to upgrade

Published: Dec 14 2021

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