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End of Support notice for BazePort generation 7

Baze Technology 11.02.2022
This is a notice to let you know that BazePort IPTV version 7 is End of Support. BazePort IPTV generation 8 was released in April 2020. 

BazePort generation 7 is End of Support

BazePort 8 is our biggest release so far and has several major new functionalities in its 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 versions. We continue with our design and development work for BazePort 8.5 and new BazePort versions to come. In order to allocate all our resources into new development and achieving our goal and commitment to continually improve and develop BazePort, support and maintenance for 7 (released December 2018), is End of Support from 11.02.2022. No support for generation 7 will be offered after this date.

No need to panic, just get in touch now

We don’t want to leave you behind and are more than happy to help you with upgrade to the latest version, currently this is version 8.4. Almost all our clients are now part of our BazePort Service Agreement program and are running the latest version. Please fill in this form to learn more about how you can upgrade.


End of Sales notice for CT-2191

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Please get in touch to get your BazePort IPTV installation upgraded now!

Published: Feb 10 2022

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