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End of Sale notice for BazePort server 500 series

Baze Technology, 19.04.2021
As part of our ongoing product development and lifecycle management for products this notice is to inform that BazePort IPTV server 500 series is now replaced by BazePort IPTV server 700 series.

BazePort server models 720, 721, 760 and 761 will have a new storage solution based on SSD disks instead of HDD. The storage technology evolves and we have decided to make SSD disks standard in BazePort servers. SSDs do not have moving parts, operates more quietly, more efficiently, and with fewer parts to break than the HDDs that have spinning platters.

BazePort server models 520, 521, 560 and 561 can still run in a BazePort IPTV setup. Replacement HDD disks for BazePort IPTV server 500-series will still be available.

Please direct your questions, if any, to BazePort support.

Porsgrunn, Norway 19th of April 2021

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