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End of Life notice for free EPG service

Baze Technology, 06.04.2021
Many of our customers have, up until now, received TV guide content, EPG, as a free and complimentary service. We regret to inform you that our free EPG service is no longer possible to uphold as a stable service.

This is due to the increased complexity and scope of EPG sources. Our free EPG service will therefore discontinue on the 1st of September 2021.

How can you then receive EPG?

We are happy to announce that we have entered into a partnership with a professional EPG service provider. We will introduce a new, paid service: BazePort EPG service. The service will be introduced 1st of September 2021 and be available for all our BazePort Service Agreement, BSA, customers at 20 EUR a month per installation. The service will require and be part of the BSA. The Software Upgrade part of the BSA is required since we will only maintain the service for current BazePort versions. 


BazePort EPG service

Please contact us for purchase inqueries regarding the BazePort EPG service.

Published: Apr 06 2021

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