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Meet the newest member of our Bazeport Team!

We warmly welcome Chief Content Officer Linda Vabø, our new Chief Content Officer at Bazeport. Congratulations on joining us in this newly established role. 

Thank you so much! It’s been a great experience joining the Bazeport team. Also, the timing is perfect for the upcoming company trip to Gdansk so I can get to know even more colleagues.

We're eager to learn more about you. Could you share some insights into your background and personal journey so far? 

I’m originally from Bergen, Norway, but moved to Oslo in 1999 after completing my master’s degree in media science at the University of Bergen.

My professional background is from the TV and media industry, where I’ve been working primarily within content acquisition and content sales for the past 25 years. (I feel very old when I share that ;) I’ve worked with local content portfolios, international content providers and global players. My previous role was VP, Partnerships and Distribution at Warner Bros. Discovery Nordics, where I oversaw all content negotiations and other day-to-day issues with partners in the region. I also had a brief stop at UK based BritBox, BBC and ITV’s streaming service, last year. I’ve held different management positions over the past 15 years, including the CEO role at two separate production and licensing companies within the animation industry. So, I’ve been around.

You sound like the right person in the right place, particularly the commitment to delivering diverse content to our customers, is evident. Operating in an international setting, our clientele spans from the Philippines to Canada and everywhere in between. What considerations do you believe are crucial when curating content packages for such diverse cultural audiences? 

Well, it’s all about understanding your clients’ needs and working hard to establish the right content portfolio at the right price. I’m pleased to see that our clients are sharing their content wish lists with us, and so I’m working to get hold of everything from Chinese news via Dutch sports packages to Filippino and Indian content at the moment.

Bazeport is very focused on Crew Welfare and constantly works to offer desired entertainment options on board. What strategies do you think are essential to further enhance the well-being of our crew members? 

I’m a big fan of combining relaxation in front of the TV set and boosting physical/mental wellbeing. Be it through different exercise videos, meditation, yoga and mindfulness content or other inspirational tools. Besides providing a source of entertainment after work, we need to inspire crews both intellectually, mentally, and physically. Being away from your home and family for extended periods of time without the chance to communicate when you want, is a tough situation. Our job is to ease that burden while creating a space for wellbeing.

As you step into your new role at Bazeport, are there specific tasks or challenges that you're particularly looking forward to tackling? 

I do look forward to learning a different part of the business. Deepsea and offshore are both new to me, although many of the same principles apply when it comes to content. Bazeport’s global aspect is also fascinating.

Could you share a fun fact about yourself? 

I used to play "floorball" (innebandy) with the guys at work for 15 years. I love floorball! 😊

Welcome aboard, Linda. We are happy to have you with us! 

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