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Get to know our Trainees!

Linnéa and Tor are BazePort Trainees, they started working for Baze six months ago. Linnéa has a MSc in International Business and Trade from Gothenburg University in Sweden, and Tor graduated from the University of Agder in Norway with a MA in Business and Administration. As part of their Trainee program, they have already participated in many different tasks in all departments of BazePort. Now let’s ask them how their journey have been so far.  

Hi guys, how are you?  

We are good thanks for asking! 

For anyone outside of Baze could you explain what an average workday as a trainee at BazePort entail?  

Describing an average day would be very difficult as a Trainee..No days are the same! Since the beginning, we have been involved in numerous projects and in all aspects of the organization.  

What's the value of being a trainee here?  

You get to learn how an organization works from the inside out. Along the way, you meet a lot of talented people and learn how to behave in an organization. The transition from being a full-time student to becoming a full-time employee can be frightening, and we believe the transition within the walls of Baze has exceeded our expectations. 

You do a lot of different tasks in your Trainee period, but what has been the most interesting? 

Following our product from purchase to service has been very insightful. Aside from meetings with key decision makers, I think we can agree to say the commissioning of the BazePort system for a customer was very interesting. 

Have your expectations to the trainee program been met so far?  

The first 6 months have far exceeded our expectations. 

What will be your advice to others who wants to apply as a Trainee at Baze? 

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, there are people on the other side too! 

And the most important question, will you recommend being a Trainee at Bazeport 

We wouldn’t be here if we wouldn’t recommend it. Yes, without a doubt! 

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