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BazePort Seea onboard entertainment increases crew welfare!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light issues such as isolation and loneliness and has understandably drawn a lot of attention to the quality of seafarers’ working environment.

Baze Technology has investigated how our product for onboard entertainment affects the seafarers. This includes news and information, newly released movies, series and podcasts. BazePort Seea infotainment, impacts crew welfare and seafarers' daily lives.

Please find the report attached. The result is stunning!

We asked almost 700 crew members from shipping companies such as Berge Bulk, Westfal-Larsen, Knutsen OAS Shipping, Flex LNG and Ardmore Shipping. Over a 2-month period we got amazing feedback.

84 per cent of the crew members Bazeport asked stated that their workplace environment had improved since the BazePort entertainment system was installed onboard. These results support academic research indicating that increased well-being is associated with an improved workplace. Furthermore, 91 per cent agreed that the entertainment system is positively impacting their well-being.

The most common influence is:  1) relaxation (42%), 2) staying updated on current events (34%), or 3) spending more time with other crew mates while enjoying entertainment (19%).

What's Next?

BazePort Seea contribute so positively to such important issues as people’s mental health and well-being. BazePort continues to add high value to our customers and their businesses, helping them attract the best sea staff, maintain high standards in fleet crew welfare, as well as differentiate in the highly competitive shipping market.  At the same time, end-users (the crew onboard) continue to provide very positive feedback with high levels of product engagement and enjoyment.

/share/mime/48/pdf.png BazePort Crew Welfare Report October 2022

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