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You can of course use your own content if you already have got this available. If not, Baze Technology can assist with adding content. The key is that you should be confident that the content you offer your guests or workers are legally provided. Baze works with multiple content providers and can offer our users access to our movies library. From this you can choose movies from a catalog of several hundred titles.

Set up a subscription of e.g. 5 or 10 movies per month. The content is moved to your BazePort Video on Demands server. You can select the titles yourself, or let us do the jobb for you. It is easy and convenient for the system owner, and it creates the best user experience for your audience.

TV Series

TV series

Baze can now license some of the best TV shows from Discovery channel. Full seasons of popular series like Fast N' Loud, Street Outlaws, Deadliest Catch, Airplane repo, Pacific Warriors, Gold Rush, Killing Fields, Fat N' Furious, Jungle God, Man vs Wild and more.


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BazePort Service Agreement is the most extensive optional service plan in the market. An optional service plan that covers warranty, support, training and software upgrades.

BazePort Infotainment is the IPTV system that offers a 5 year warranty on both Hardware and Software. We want you to have a trouble free IPTV experience, with a high quality of service for the user.

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