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How to use PDE

 PDE is the perfect solution when you want to provide your audience with content without being dependent on access to a TV screen. Use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to access entertainment and information.

Let your passengers, guests and workers use their own personal device to watch live-TV, films, boxsets, news or listen to podcasts. The setup is simple, it only takes 3 steps for your audience to get started.

1. Connect to the WiFi

Login to the WiFi at your venue. All available content is downloaded to a local server, allowing the viewer to watch films or listen to podcasts without having to use any bandwidth. 

2. Go to

There is no need to download an APP, simply go to the URL and get immidiate access to entertainment and information. The PDE web application is supported for both iOS and Android OS.

3. Start watching

Now you are all set. Enjoy! 

Use iPhone or Android to watch films 


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