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Release notes BazePort 6.7

Version 6.7 enables BazePort owners to create a non-linear IPTV service, and a Personal Device Entertainment


BazePort 6.7 may completely change the way you watch TV. Catch-UP TV allows you to record all programs on a set of TV channels, so you can watch them at your convenience. This functionality allows you to build a TV archive with thousands of hours of on demand TV. Please note that Content Server or NAS is required for storage. Programs are found in the Recorded TV library, or through the search function. Watch any program, at your own convenience.


Channels being used for Catch-UP are also available for Time Shift functionality. Time shift lets you choose to select a live TV-program that is already on-going, and start it from the beginning. Are you 5 minutes late for the news, or did you start watching in the midst of a program, and you want to see it from the start? Time shift allows you to choose watching from start. When browsing through the program guide (EPG), using time shift you can also go back in time and find a program already ended, and start it from the program guide directly. *Time shift is only available on the current Set-Top box model CT-2151 and CT-2152.


Functionality has been added to support Personal Device Entertainment PDE (BYOD). Most BazePort applications are now available to be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Live-TV, Radio, Tv Archive, News and Video on Demand are all applications available on personal devices. Both IOS, Android and PC/MAC may be used for playback.


With Bazeport 6.7 we launch a new generation of IPTV server, BazePort generation 5. The G5 server has a height of only 1RU, but still it is many times more powerful than its predecessor. It is truly versatile, as the same unit can have a range of different setups. In addition to normal IPTV server tasks, the following can be added optionally:

  • Content Server for on demand media storage
  • Transcoder for multi profile transcoding of live-TV and TV archive
  • Web server for Personal Device Entertainment (PDE)
  • DRM server for professional content encryption

Click the link below for all details on the BazePort IPTV G5 server:

/share/mime/48/pdf.png BazePort IPTV Server generation 5

How to upgrade

  • All BazePort systems can be upgraded to this latest version. Roll out starts Tuesday 28. August, system owners who has a BazePort Service agreement will get this as part of their agreement.
  • BazePort system owners who wish to upgrade, please contact Baze Technology on email:

Download Release Notes for BazePort Infotainment 6.7

There are many more news in the 6.7 release, please download the complete Release Notes:

/share/mime/48/pdf.png BazePort IPTV Release Notes version 6.7

Hardware Compliance

Requirements to run 6.7 functionality

  • For Catch-UP functionality: Content server or NAS for content storage
  • For Time Shift functionality: Content server or NAS for content storage, STB CT-215x series
  • BazePort Publish advance planning: No special requirements

User manuals

Users manuals for the BazePort v6.7 can be found here:

Please also visit our homepage:

Next release is BazePort 7

Our next release will have an all new and beautiful user interface. This will allow for a high degree of client adaption to underline your brand.

BazePort 7 will also include the new product BazeCast, a support application for use of streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Spotify and Youtube. Please contact us for more information.

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