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We are now introducing a powerful, new module in BazePort Management Studio: BazePort Flow.

Flow automates repetitive and mundane tasks for your employees. An example of this is that a ferry receptionist, when ship leaves quay, presses a button, and this triggers:

  • Firstly – every screen on the ferry is turned on,
  • Secondly – a safety video is automatically played
  • Thirdly – a commercial video is played on all public screens, but not in the cabins.

Flow makes it easy for your employees to reach out with marketing, security, promotion and information.

They can prepare preset playback of content independent of technical experts. Automation of simple, tedious tasks like turning on and off screens automatically will give employees time to focus on their actual work tasks. Automation of simple, tedious tasks like turning on and off screens automatically will give employees time to focus on their actual work tasks. 


Flow can even trigger actions based on message from other systems. An example of this is that a hotel’s booking system, on check-in, automatically triggers actions in BazePort, like turning on TV screen in the guest’s hotel room and sending personal welcome message to the TV screen.

Flow is easy to use and is prepared in just 3 steps:

  1. Name the flow
  2. Select triggers
  3. Decide on actions


Select a trigger

Every trigger has several options and can be customized to fit your needs. For the time trigger you can select time, week days, if it should be daily/weekly etc. You can have more than one trigger, whichever hits first. The webhook trigger has several advanced options like overriding receivers and using variables in the sent message, making it possible with customized triggering, receivers and messages.



Choose the action

You can choose to start playback of any content (movies, series, TV channels, pictures, videos) in your system, send messages or send system commands like turning on/off TV. You can decide who should be part of the action. You can define a chain of actions and more action sets can be triggered at once.


Please note the following changes with introduction of BazePort Flow: All forced content administration will now be set up using BazePort Flow. Flow will be used to set up the following interfaces in BazePort:

  • Mute sound on all screens on alarm from PA/GA system
  • Start information video on entering a geographical area, triggered by GPS position of a ship

We are ready to assist you with preparation of flows!

Please let us know how we can help by contacting us via email

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