Our new BazePort Android native app runs in Android TVs without the need for an external set-top box. The BazePort app is preinstalled in the TV, and supports all the BazePort IPTV functions as the traditional set-top box solution does. 

  • BazePort Android native app is available in a special tv model range manufactured by Philips. It is available in sizes from 32 inch up to 65 inch, in both FHD and UHD (size dependent). The Android TVs must be purchased from Baze Technology. 
  • Use of third party apps We experience that our clients request that their guests and employees can use the TV screen in the same way that they do at home. Available on request only, is the possibility to activate the Android TV to run other apps like YouTube, NRK TV, SVT, HBO and many more. In this case, the user logs in with their personal account and continues to watch whatever content he or she started watching at home. Which apps are possible to use in the system is part of a setup and the settings can be locked down if preferred. Please note that this functionality requires a fast and stable internet connection, and that the system owner sets up a Google App account for app management. Some apps, like for instance Netflix, also require special approval and third party PMS system integration. 
  • Cast from personal device TV has a built-in casting application for casting from personal devices. Please note that this functionality requires an internet service at like home quality.


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