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Release note for BazePort Digital Encoder models

Baze Technology, 04.05.2022
We introduce new encoder models, G2.1, G2.4, G2.8 and G2.16

The BazePort Digital Encoder series G2 consist of several professional HD audio & video encoding devices. They support either 1-, 4-, 8-, or 16-channels of HDMI streams of H.264/H.265 + AAC encoded output. From a HDMI input source it generates a H.264/H.265-encoded UDP multicast transport stream. The product can be applied to the BazePort IPTV systems to be used for Set-Top Box decoder and other HDMI source connectivity.

The models can be used side-by-side the previous encoder models (TBS-series).


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Published: May 04 2022

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