Wifi, Integrations and IP over Coax


Create hotspots for connectivity

Connectivity has become crucial, however the infrastructure may not always be up to date. To establish new infrastructure may be too costly and time consuming for your project. BazePort IPTV set-top boxes has got a built in WiFi hotspot. With this you can establish a short range WiFi Hotspot in the same room as where the STB is present. This is a fast and easy way to establish connectivity for your users. Such a network may be divided into several user profiles and access may also be restricted.

IP over Coax

Creat IP network using existing coax

Out of date coax systems are up for replacement, however, to rebuild your network with ethernet to replace the coaxial cable might not be an option, due to cost and the difficulty in geting access to cabling in walls and ceilings etc. The answer is to reuse the established coaxial network, in most cases this network can be re-established as an IP network using available IP over Coax technology.

Baze has extensive exeprience in building such networks on vessels, rigs and in onshore accommodations. Our clients can today transmit IP signals for IPTV and Internet connectivity reusing their already installed coax.

Ask Baze how we can help you give new life to your out of date coax installation.


Display 3rd party sources in your IPTV

BazePort Infotainment systems are often interated with other systems. This is done so BazePort users can view feed from a CCTV camera, information from a remote PC, Info systems or even relay navigational systems. It brings great value to the IPTV system to make such info available.

In most cases an integrations is in fact a physical connection between two hardware units. Then the software in BazePort takes care of the publishing. We have extensive experience based on years of working with our clients and a great variety on different sources they wanted available in their IPTV system.

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Benefit from
a market leading service plan

BazePort Service Agreement is the most extensive optional service plan in the market. An optional service plan that covers warranty, support, training and software upgrades.

BazePort Infotainment is the IPTV system that offers a 5 year warranty on both Hardware and Software. We want you to have a trouble free IPTV experience, with a high quality of service for the user.